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School Fundraising Opportunity With Cloud Labels

Your school or PTA can earn 5% commission by registering on the Cloud Labels website as an affiliate and putting a banner or text link on your school website. Cloud Labels are a supplier of labels on blank A4 sheets and rolls. Their range includes white, coloured and fluorescent labels that are ideal for schools, businesses and around the home. Choose from rectangular, round, oval and square labels in various materials, all at competitive prices and free UK delivery.

After registering as an affiliate your school can earn commission on all label orders made via the special link on your school website. All commission payments are paid out quarterly and you can login at any time to check on your commission statistics for your school or PTA.

2021 Update – Cloud Labels now offer a brilliant range of eco-friendly biodegradable labels that are kinder to the environment. They are made from sugar cane-fibre and are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. This is a superb product that can be promoted to local businesses and individuals who would like to make their packaging, products and parcels more environmentally friendly by using biodegradable and compostable labels.

Another exciting new product range is FSC Certified Recycled Paper Labels made from 100% Recycled Household Waste. Again, this is an ideal product to promote to earn commission for your school or PTA, as it is an environmentally friendly product that doesn’t cost much more than standard paper labels.

5% of the value of orders across the complete Cloud Labels product range can be earned in commission on all orders placed.

Cloud Labels have an online order tracking system so there is no need for a co-ordinator to collect orders or money. Once you have your unique fundraising affiliate code you can just let your orders accumulate while Cloud Labels take care of the rest.

Parents can order online when it suits them, day or night!